One Move Ahead.
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Designed to Work

The Yuanda Robot stands out with a combination of advanced design and sophisticated technology. Designed in Germany by an international team of passionate experts, it sets out to define new standards in the quickly growing field of collaborative robotics.

Advanced sensor technology ensures safe collaboration with humans as well as the skillful handling of objects. Intelligent learning systems drive automated processes for a wide range of industries. Hardware and software interfaces are intuitive and easily accessible to every user. The robot’s overall ease of use significantly reduces time and cost for setup and integration. Add the Yuanda Robot to your team and experience performance!



In action

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Object Detection
Yunada Robot, Video Object Classification © Yuanda Robotics GmbH
Object Detection
Yunada Robot, Video QR Code Referencing © Yuanda Robotics GmbH
QR-Code Referencing
Yunada Robot, Video Part Inspection © Yuanda Robotics GmbH
Part Inspection
Yunada Robot, Video Collision Protection © Yuanda Robotics GmbH
Collision Reaction
Yunada Robot, Video Quality Inspection © Yuanda Robotics GmbH
Quality Inspection

Quick Facts

torque sensors
Torque Sensors
Integrated torque sensors in all axes for skillful production and sensitive collaboration
6 axes
6 axes and 7 kg payload for a high level of agility and a wide range of applications
Yuanda Vision
Intelligent vision for object detection, quality inspection and spatial orientation
Certified Safety
Compliant with the highest standards of human robot collaboration


Yuanda Robot Datasheet Cover English © Yuanda Robotics
Product specifications

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Product brochure

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The versatility of a robot grows with its ability to connect to functional extensions. With the Yuanda Robot, you can enjoy true plug-and-play integration. Not only do we provide an internal hardware interface for third-party peripherals, but our software automatically supports their configuration – you won’t even realize that it’s not a Yuanda component. The control of outside components is seamlessly integrated into the regular workflow. It couldn’t be easier.