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Yuanda Robots with Tools by Schunk and Schmalz  © Yuanda Robotics

At Home in All Industries

Assembly in the morning, spray painting at noon, testing in the afternoon, packaging at night – quickly set up and deploy your robot to perform a wide variety of skills and workflows depending on your needs. 3C electronics, automotive, metal processing, or mechanical engineering – the Yuanda Robot is as unique and versatile as the task you assign to it.


Pick and Place
Handle your work pieces precisely, rapidly, and safely. Quickly set up external tools and sensors, or just let the robot palpate the perfect pose for your product by itself with fully controlled interaction forces.
Machine Tending
Just minutes of teaching for hours of work: Open the lid, place the work piece, close the lid and let the robot start the machine before removing the work piece again.
Automatically-generated packaging and palletizing patterns accelerate programming. Hand-guided and supported by the integrated camera, you are done in minutes.
Quality Control
Use the visual and tactile senses of the robot to ensure the highest quality in manufacturing processes. Detect missing parts on work pieces and verify fittings using vision, force control and highly-precise motion control.
Take advantage of the robot’s sensitivity to simultaneously test and measure. Quickly set up testing patterns for your products using predefined templates for common test scenarios.
Screw Driving
Controlling actuated tools is easy: In addition to the tools already supported ex-factory, you can put your own tools, such as automated screw drivers, into operation in just a few steps.
Let the robot build your product rapidly, carefully, and sensitively – visual and haptic quality check included.
Highly accurate on any path, the robot is perfectly suited to reproduce exact shapes. It can even produce automatically, using our integrated Yuanda Vision feature.

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